David Haney


June 25th at the Olympia Experimental Music Festival at Le Voyeur in Olympia Washington, from 11 to midnight.

NADYA KADREVIS clarinet, vocals

DAVID HANEY, guitar, vocals
JEREMY SHASKUS, sax, bass clarinet

Miserable Monokeys has presented amazing anecdotal concerts in New York and Portland, Oregon, combining story telling and improvised music. Originally a free jazz trio, Miserable Monokeys  have switched directions after a chance discovery of some previously unreleased music by an obscure flower rock band from the 60's called COURTESY  C.U.N.T.S. The C.U.N.T.S s brought their music from England to San Francisco in 1965 but failed to achieve success due to their unusual band name. While they created a stable of great tunes, they completely failed to get the bookings necessary to reach their fans. 50 years later, their works are being rediscovered and released. Such C.U.N.T.S" anthems as "You Take Three Steps" and  "Gum on my Shoe" are now reaching a whole new generation of C.U.N.T.S  lovers. Miserable Monokeys are proud to present  8 reworked C.U.N.T.S  classics.

                                                                                Miserable Monokeys Tribute to The COURTESY  C.U.N.T.S.

                                                                                                  April 12  2016, Pianos, New York, NY

   Miserable Monokeys Tribute to Herbie Nicbols
      February 6  2016, Festival of the Unkown, Portland, Oregon

pianist composer bandleader